Doris Schippl

Doris is master optician, optometrist and hearing care professional. As an optometrist she is able to measure your eyes in a detailed and elaborate manner. You will not even receive such a refraction at your eye doctor. This is especially important for children who have struggles in school. Furthermore, she is caring lovingly for our hearing aid customers. With plenty of creative ideas and pleasure as an entrepreneur Doris is ensuring workplaces in Kemnath and Grafenwöhr.


Hobby: Reading


Favorite food: Chocolate

Hans Schippl

Hans is our chief in our Workshop. Being optician for decades and having valuable expertise Hans assembles every pair of glasses with utmost diligence and precision. No task is too complicated for him and every manual issue is solved with skilled craftsmanship. Moreover, he lights up you glasses adding jewellery facets with pleasure.

Another skill are his skills to repair watches of all kinds and sizes!


Hobby: Airbrush


Lieblingsessen: "Schaufele"

Doris Neubauer

Doris Neubauer is master optician in Grafenwöhr. Beside her ability during the refraction she also possesses an exceptional talent consulting our customers.  Both in German and English Doris provides her knowledge. Thereby, also our american citizens experience an excellent service and sight again. A lot of customers are convinced of Doris' skills and therefore she is well known in Grafenwöhr! Doris is happy to welcome you in our shop.


Hobby: Gardening


Lieblingsessen: Bread dumplings with mushroom sauce

Ruth Panzer

Ruth started her professional career in our store in Kemnath and is since then optician at Optiker Schippl. Lovely she states our enterprise and their employees as her second family. The work with her brings a good mood and joy. Also our customers leave the shop with a big smile when being consulted by Ruth. Her competencies come to light when advising our dog Ginger. 

Hobby: Paint the walls


Lieblingsessen: Cheese

Katja Felder

Katja is employed since 1999. Most of the time Katja serves our customers in Grafenwöhr, where she also feels at home. Also Katja is well known for her skills as an optician and many know her for this expertise. She is highly committed to our company and obtained further education to obtain the title of a business economist. She combines her hobby with her profession and has already baked  Optiker Schippl cupcakes.


Hobby: Baking cupcakes


Lieblingsessen: apple strudel from mum

Michaela Siegler

Michaela is not only committed towards our customers, but is also capable to take care of the daily bureaucracy, even if there is a mess in in the office. When Michaela is working there is always some foods and therefore, good mood!


Hobby: Horseback riding


Lieblingsessen: Fajitas

Petra Schindler

Petra is our piece of gold at Optiker Schippl. She has an education as goldsmith and repairs not only every piece of jewellery, but also has a fancy taste. Here your family treasure is in good hands to be repaired. And if you want to know the value of your jewellery, then she is more than willing to value it.


Hobby: Flea markets


Lieblingsessen: Fried duck with sweet sour sauce

Michael Schippl

Michael part of the Schippl clan and is a breath of fresh air in our company. Michael obtains both, great ability when advising customers or showing skilled craftmanship in the workshop. He is a real multi-talented person and always at hand if necessary.

Picture: Bangkok, On the left: Michael Schippl, on the right: Sebastian Schippl)


Hobby: Reading


Lieblingsessen: Fillet steak