Our service features 


We offer you an eyetest (refraction) at the highest level. By using newest measurement techniques and precise equipment we determine the necessary correction for your eyes. Doris Schippl is optometrist and has therefore an even deeper understanding of your eyesight. Hence, she is handling our special cases with best care.

Even if you already have a prescription from the eye doctor, we happily double check your eyesight. Buying your new glasses at Optiker Schippl makes the test free of charge. The same accounts if you do not need glasses yet.


To enjoy our full service, we make your spectacles fit individually for you. This way you can wear them without the glasses sliding down your nose. The adjustment is especially important for varifocals. No internet shop can provide you this service! 

Customer service

We guarantee a friendly, fair and comprehensive service. When visiting us, please bring some time and enjoy some coffee while being in our shop. We always try to give you all possible options.

Eyeglasses check

If you are dependent on your glasses and wear them daily, your glasses need special care. It might happen that we have to tighten some screws or change nose-pads. Adjusting your glasses to your perfect fit by bending all parts in the correct position is a further service of our family business. Putting your glasses in an ultrasonic bath, we get rid of the smallest particles of dirt.

Insurance for your glasses

Optiker Schippl provides you protection for your glasses against break or loss of your frames. This service is guaranteed two years from the buying date and own contribution is 50%.

Driving aptitude judgement

We are an approved driving aptitude judgement location. If you want to obtain a German driver license, please come around with your identity card and your glasses or contact lenses if you have them. You do not need to make an appointment for this.

Hearing aid cleaning

If you think that your hearing aid does not work properly, there are two options which solve 80% of the issues: First we can clean your hearing aid or dry it if there is humidity.

First adjustment of your contact lenses

Living without glasses for a certain time or in certain situations. Many customers fulfill this wish with the help of contact lenses. If you do not have any experience with contact lenses, we are happy to explain you everything necessary and help you with your "first steps".

VAT form

We accept VAT forms such that you do not need to pay the sales tax as an American citizen.

Jewel cleaning

We light up your jewelleries! Handling them with care you will be astonished by the results of the cleaning process.

Repair of watches and jewellery 

Our gold smith Petra takes special care of your jewellery to be repaired. And if you watches do not work properly anymore, just bring them around and we will figure out the problem.